New Projects and New Publications

Dear readers, how is this week treating you? The fact that we've been having sunshine and warm days over here has been quite nice after all the rain and cold temps we've had! Now that my kiddos aren't sick, their energy levels seem higher than usual. I think spring fever is starting to blaze! ;) 

I am working on a couple new projects. I still want to finish my fantasy novel WIP as soon as possible, but I haven't been able to get in the zone for it lately. It might be because I need to find the time to settle back into my world and characters. Hopefully that can happen soon. When my kids were napping, I used to work on my WIP during that time, but now that they don't nap anymore, it's so much harder to work on things. 

But, I've been having fun with a new fantasy piece that I'd like to turn into either a super long story or novella. I love the characters so far and really like how I wrote the beginning. I'm definitely excited to see where this one goes! 

I also wrote the storyboard for a new children's book last week and I am looking forward to working more on it. It's still in early stages, but I've got the story planned out. It's been in my head for a while. I am still waiting on another children's book I submitted to a publisher; fingers crossed that someone wants to publish it! 

I have a bunch of other pieces out that I am waiting to hear back on, but one of my older pieces was recently published in Mixtape Methodology and I am thrilled! It's a lovely journal and I love the idea of writing poetry and stories inspired by music. They have published some amazing pieces. 

Check it out here: Songbird

How are your projects, writing or otherwise, going? :) Do share!! I want to hear about it~! 


  1. Hi! (Evie Redding here...decided to nix the pen name for the time being)

    Congrats on more publications! I'm just getting my feet wet in sending out poems to get published, so we'll see how it goes! My own fantasy WIP is going slower than I would have hoped, but progress is still progress.

    Best of luck on the children's book!


    1. Hi Tanna!

      Thank you! It's always exciting! :) Good luck to you! It's a great way to start and get your name out there. Progress is definitely something, no matter if it's just a few sentences or pages. Last week, I was able to write a few sentences in my fantasy WIP before something came up, and that was something at least! ;)


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