It's Summmmmmer!!

Hello dears! 

I just saw noticed that I haven't posted anything since the first day of March! Woah! So much has happened since then, which is why I haven't been online that much. We had a busy spring and now it's already summer! 

I haven't had much time for writing, but I was able to revise a few pieces and I have been submitting them. Now, it's that always fun game of "wait for a response." Not always pleasant, but very important if one wants to be published. I just submitted a very special piece this morning about my adult Irish Dancing journey. Fingers crossed that it gets accepted, but even if it doesn't, I'll revise it again and send it somewhere else. It's a piece I strongly believe in. :) 

As for Irish Dancing news, it's been going very well! I have now moved up into Novice adult, which means I can start learning more advanced dances. I am very proud of myself and how much I have progressed as a dancer since January. It's as though that January Feis was a sort of wake-up call for me; I have been working very hard since then to be the dancer I know I can be. I competed at a Feis on June 11 in San Jose and it was my best yet! ;) I'll write a separate post about that soon. 

I also received my Grade Exam results and I got an A+ for both exams!! Yay! That definitely bolstered my confidence and helped me see that I was making progress with my dancing. 

We also went on a little family vacation last month to Disneyland and had a wonderful time! My husband and I now love Disneyland and can't wait to go back! It was really special for our first family vacation and the kids were great. Now, it's summertime and I've got to keep them all busy and out of the heat until the twins get ready to head off to Pre-Kindergarten in the Fall. What a big year this has been and it's only halfway through! 

How are you all doing? :) 


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! So happy to hear that dancing is going well. :)


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