Quick Update--I LIVE!

Hello all! 

I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated this blog. I've wanted to, but the last few months have been so busy! Then, my old chrome book broke down and I had to wait until I could buy a new one. Now, I've got a working chrome book and am slowly working on writing again. 

I'm still waiting for some feedback about my novel, but once that starts coming in, I plan to revise a lot and hopefully send it out later this year or next. 

I have been revising another children's picture book manuscript and plan to send that to publishers very soon, which is exciting. 

Life has been so full lately and I'm trying to take it one day a at time. My three kiddos are doing great and the twins are almost done with school, which is exciting. There is a lot going on right now, such as the fact that I'm learning to drive, we want to buy another car, our bathroom is going to be worked on next week, and all sorts of things. But that's life! :D 

Irish dancing has been lots of fun and I compete in the Fog City Feis in San Francisco on April 2. I was one of three adults, and danced against one in the Novice/Prizewinner categories. I was the only one who competed in the Adult Hornpipe Special so I got to take home a huge trophy! It was quite interesting bringing that on the bus and BART train. ;) I got very nice comments and scores that day, especially with soft shoe, and I got to wear the dress I had for the Oireachtas last year, so it was a fun feis! 

In class, we've been focusing on going back to basics with hard shoe lately and it's been so helpful!! I have made a lot of progress and it feels great. We've been working on perfecting St. Patrick's Day and I've been applying what I've learned and worked on to my other hard shoe dances and there is a big difference. There is always so much to learn and I am enjoying going back and fixing some issues. 

Just a quick update for now; I've had a couple of pieces published recently, so I'll post those soon. How have you all been? Hope all is well! :D 


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