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Curbside Cafe Revisit!

Curbside Cafe has been a family favorite for a long time. The comforting French food, tiny space, and pretty location off of Filmore St have made it a wonderful place to have lunch or dinner with people who are closest to you~ :) My sister and I were lucky enough to be able to go have lunch there this summer, and it was great to spend time with her before she went off to college for her freshman year! (Go Fiona! :D)

We had made reservations, since it is a popular spot for lunch, and were seated at a table in an alcove next to the window. It was quite cozy, and we appreciated being able to sit down, even though we were early for our reservation. The owner was accomadating, even if he was busy, and we felt taken care of. Our first course was, of course, French onion soup! We shared it, since it's very rich, and it was perfect for the both of us. The cheese was melted and satisfyingly stringy, and the onions were sweet.

Fiona ordered the philly cheese steak sandwich, which was served …

Sapporo-ya Revisit!

I think this might have been the first San Francisco visit of the summer.....I went a few times, hitching a ride from my dad who had appointments and such. On this particular day, my dad had a lunch appointment, so I went off and had lunch on my own! I was particularly curious to see if my old ramen-ya favorite, Sapporo-ya, had changed, so I went to find out....
I ordered some gyoza on the side. The dressing on the salad tasted like mayo and ketchup mixed together....definitely un-appetizing. I would have enjoyed the salad if they had only used Japanese style dressing. The gyoza themselves were thin and tasted homemade, full of chopped meat and veggies. They come apart easily, and taste a bit salty. I still enjoyed them though~

Here is where I think I made an ordering mistake. I was into making miso ramen at home with my dad at the time, and I wanted to taste how Sapporo-ya made theirs. I used to love their shoyu ramen, and I think I should have gotten that instead. The noodles were ch…

The Dead Fish-- Crockett, CA

Hello again everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been one busy lady! I'm currently in the Bay Area, working for my dad as a clerical assistant and working on some secret plans, hehehehhee ;) Andrew is doing well, he has come to the Bay Area to visit a lot and we have a ton of fun with him here!

This was a lunch my dad and I had on Memorial Day earlier this year~ This restuarant is called The Dead Fish, and while it may not sound super appetizing, it turned out to be delicious, complete with wonderful views of the Bay!

We started off with garlic cheese bread~ The bread was rather crunchy, but the cheese was flavorful and their was a light hint of olive oil and garlic. What really made this delicious was the chopped fresh basil; such a wonderful addition that intensified the salty flavor of the cheese!

My dad ordered two Kumamoto oysters and he enjoyed how fresh they were. They were simple and quite large; my dad said he would definitely order them again!

I wanted a sala…

Strawberry Cake!

Summer has arrived! Hey everyone! Sorry for being MIA lately, there has just been a lot going on! I have been in the Bay Area for almost two months now, and I have had some cooking adventures~ (mostly, I've just been enjoying my dad's cooking, hehe) Today is a gloomy, rainy day, but my grandma is finally home from the hospital! Yay! So that's awesome. :) Andrew has been able to come over a couple times and spend the weekend with us, which has been amazing and fun!!!!! ;D

A couple times this summer, we have found ourselves with extra strawberries around the house. So, I decided to make Martha Stewart's strawberry cake!

Here it is right before going into the oven~

And here is a picture of the cake after! Voila! :)

Another after picture~ I have been depriving this blog of pictures lately, so here's more than enough, haha!

The recipe stated that homemade whipped crea should act as the accompaniement to the cake. So, I whipped (hehe) some up and we really enjoyed it. The…

Summer Jams~

Hey everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying the April weather! :)

Tomorrow is my last day of classes before last day of class of Junior year...crazy! >.< I hope finals will go smoothly~

I wanted to write a quick blog entry, partly because it's fun and I need a break from writing my final paper/play. :)

A lot has been going on over here! Andrew and I have been busy with school and performing with a local band, Loki Rhythm. That has been super fun and a great way to keep music in our busy lives. I do rhythm percussion, backup vocals, and some dancing~ Andrew does guitar and sings wonderfully! :D My Japan club had our Spring Festival event a few weeks ago, which was a hit and quite fun! I wish more people had come, but that's okay~

It's funny, I find myself really missing Japan lately...This time last year I was prepping to go. Also, all the talk about what happened in Japan has made me wish I could help more. Japan is such a special place and the fact …

Hope and Support~

Hello everyone! It has definitely been a while since I have updated this here blog! I got a new laptop a few weeks ago luckily; Andrew had been letting me use his and I kind of miss it....except not the way it had issues turning on! (just kidding poor boo!) Otherwise, I have been so busy with school, work, and life in general~

I'm writing here today about what happened in Japan. I didn't sleep well last night and when I woke up I saw on Facebook that a huge earthquake and tsunami had hit Japan. I couldn't believe it. I was so worried about all my friends there, but luckily they all seem to be okay.

Anyway, please keep Japan in your thoughts. I'm Historian of the Matsuri Japan Club on campus so we are going to try and plan a candlelit vigil and a donation drive next week.

This was such a sad thing to happen. :( After loving Japan for so long and living there for part of last summer, I feel a connection with it. I hope the future will bring help and a swift recovery to Jap…