Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hey everyone. Well, I'm on winter break for four weeks and I'm in the Bay with my family. I'm hoping to update this blog more since I will be having cooking adventures.

I'm feeling a little upset at the start of this break though because my laptop was stolen yesterday on the Amtrak train. I also had my phone charger, iPod charger, and webcam stolen. It's dumb because whoever stole my stuff forgot to take the laptop charger. I talked to an Amtrak police officer last night and will be working on getting money from them to replace my stuff. I'm hoping they will give me some money, but I'm not holding my breath on it.

To be honest, this makes me feel so bad. I worked so hard all semester, and this is what happens? I'm trying to be strong and do things with my family, but it's hard. I miss Andrew terribly.

This is Christmas time, and I have valuables stolen from me. I trusted Amtrak to have a secure place for my suitcase. Obviously, that didn't do anything. Now, since there has been so much crime in the Bay and Valley, I don't even want to go anywhere by myself. I just hope Andrew will be safe, and my family too. I'm grateful that we have the means to replace some of my things, but it's super tight this year. I asctually don't even care about money or presents any more. I want to give things to the people I care about, that's all.

Anyway, look forward to pictures coming soon. I made sausages with my Dad today, so that will be a fun and picture-heavy post.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Campus Food Truck and New Hair!

Heyyo everyone! This week is Thanksgiving, so I hope all of you who celebrate have fun and eat well! :) I'm going back to my Father's place~ I'll miss Andrew and my friends, but I know they will be eating well!

It's a cold day here, and it's been raining on and off. Kinda sad, if you ask me~ Too much grey! Anyway, I am in the library because the internet at my house died for some weird reason. I finished a bunch of homework and wanted to do a blogpost since I had time~ I've been really busy this semester, and there is a lot I have to do in the next couple weeks. I'm just trying to stay sane and healthy; my boo has been helping with that! ;) I've even started writing poetry again! That is something I am really proud of right now~ :)

There was a change on campus here at UOP and I thought it would be perfect to blog here about! We have a food truck~! I think UOP heard about the fancy food truck craze and wanted to get in on it. We have a ton of Mexican food trucks around here that are yummy~ The food truck on campus serves UOP food and is trying to make it fancy like some of the trucks in LA or New York haha XD

Last Wednesday was a hard day, and I wanted to try the food truck since I had time and not much food in my fridge. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, which came with pulled pork, ham, and cheese (swiss? provolone? not sure..) and a ceasar salad. It was good and filling, but didn't really correlate with the menu.....The sandwich was supposed to have pickles, cheddar cheese, and a mustard spread. Yet, none of those things were present. However, the sandwich was still yummy~ My guess is that they ran out of those things, since there was a huge line when I went. The sandwich was $5~ Also, the salad was good, but there were only three tiny croutons. The dressing tasted homemade, or, at least, of good quality. The salad was only $2, and they gave me a lot! :) I think the food truck is a pretty good deal, if you are willing to spend the money. The bread on the sandwich was warm, fluffy, and tasty!!!!! That was one of the best things about it! XD

Environmentally, however, I am not sure if this truck is doing a good job....maybe they can use recycled paper things? Also, they ran out of forks and napkins super quickly....not cool. I had to eat my salad with my fingers, which was kind of odd.

In other news.....I cut off my hair! XD I love it short!!!!!!

This picture was taken by my love today! :D He took me to Le Kims, our favorite place, for lunch! I don't have much food or money right now, so this was so sweet of him! You can tell how excited I am! :D Thank you so much hun! It really meant a lot to me to go on this little date together~! I am really going to miss him over break~

Anyway, we're all working hard~ Hopefully next semester will be a little easier, haha~ I also need more simply and healthy recipes! Any suggestions? :D

Momofraise says: The University of the Pacific food truck is pretty yummy, let's hope it stays that way! XD

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Fabulous Summer Lunch at Bushi-Tei in SF!

Hey everyone! Yes, it has been a while! This semester is super busy, but I'm hanging in there! Today is a rainy day~ Andrew left to go home and study (I miss youuuuu!) , and I'm making dinner, and then I have a meeting to go to at 8. I don't really want to work on my essay any more, so I thought why not update my blog? :D Yay! It feels awesome! Anyway, here are some pics from a lunch in the summer time! My dad took my sister and I to Japantown for a special lunch and some townhouse shopping for me! This was after I got back from Japan, so it was funny to be in Japantown, SF! XD Pictured above is a Japanese-style cheescake slice from Andersen Bakery! Yum! It was a typical Japanese cheesecake, soft and fluffy, with a light lemon flavor~ A decadent way to start the day!

After shopping, my sis and I met my dad in front of Bushi-Tei, a rather upscale restaurant in Japantown. It's a up the street from Peace Plaza; perhaps people don't know too much about it. This lunch was one of the best food experiences I have ever had! The restaurant interior is smaller than one would expect, but that makes for a cozier, more attentive experience. It's a beautiful place, good for meeting with people for business, like my dad does.
We were served a complimentary cup of soup-I think it was carrot and potato soup? It was so soothing and the scallion bits on top with the drizzle of olive oil added such an earthy touch! I love the idea of getting a free cup of soup with your meal~ It made me feel like special~ :D
My father ordered his favorite, the rock shrimp salad, full size. He, of course, loved it and was so happy he ordered it again.
My sister ordered the Panzanella salad, which is an Italian salad consisting of bread, tomatoes, and other vegetables in a light dressing. She really enjoyed it and it looks lovely! A bread salad is very Italian, and not a dish I have seen in many restaurants, so we were impressed by this!
Now......this salad changed my life. I am so serious. I LOVE this salad! It's the chicken confit salad, with trevisio, brie cheese, in a dijon dressing. OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING I HAVE EVER EATEN! The chicken legs are tender and they melt in your mouth, so succulent with their rich chicken juices~ Confit means that the chicken was marinating in it's own (fatty) juices, so it's extremely moist and savory. The sharpness of the salad contrasted well with the rich chicken and brie cheese. I put some brie on the lovely toasts and it was so grand with the chicken and the tasty salad! All in all, an amazing dish; it was rich without going over the top and my taste buds were dancing in happiness~ :)
For his entree, my dad ordered the halibut special of the day! It came with a bistro salad, crunchy shoestring fries, and romesco sauce to dip the fish in. The romesco sauce was chilled, which is normal, and is made of red peppers. I tried a bite of the fish with the sauce and enjoyed it, much to my surprise. It was a tasty summer dish and my dad liked it!
We ordered an extra side of fries because we weren't sure if our entrees came with some! XD So yeah, we had tons of fries and it was delicious! These were fried perfectly, and were dusted with paprika, which was a delicious touch! :D
I ordered the same thing as my sister, the Croque washugyu! This dish is a play on the traditional French bistro dish of a Croque Monsieur sandwich, but open-faced with wagyu beef and onions! It was so goooood and the cheese and onions brought it to a whole new level! Of course, the fries added a lot too~ ;) Fiona and I really enjoyed this and we were getting so full! I was taking pictures of everything we ate with my phone to send to Andrew; I really wished he was there, as he sure did! :D But, that wish did come true sometime later.... ;)
Stuffed, but unable to refuse dessert and the comfort of the restaurant, we ordered some tea. It was one of those overcast and cold San Francisco summer days, and this hit the spot. I ordered the special mint tea, I think, and Fiona ordered some sort of lemongrass tea? It was interesting!
I will be honest and admit that we were underwhelmed by the dessert. This was a little chocolate souffle cake, topped with house-made milk ice cream and roasted strawberries. The souffle was small and a bit dry, and the ice cream was too icey.....but those roasted strawberries.....oh my gosh the sweetness of the strawberries exploded in my mouth! They were the best part of the dessert! Roasting strawberries, what a marvelous idea! People should do it more! :D

So, that was our splendid meal. My family had a great time, but I was really missing Andrew. As I hinted earlier, I actually did get to go to Bushi-Tei with Andrew a couple months later! :D I will do a seperate post on that, since I have to find the pictures first. It was still an amazing meal, not as hefty, but still awesome! Of course, the company was the best! ;) Thanks love!


1638 Post Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

(415) 440-4959

Momofraise says: GO NOW! This is my favorite restaurant! The service is attentive and hospitable, and the food is so satisfying! The prices are reasonable! You won't be dissappointed!

PS: I checked the website, and they seem to have a new winter menu! It sounds good, but different!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Healthy by Omission... XD

Hey everyone!! I am alive and well, just extremely busy with school, work, and cooking! :D I live in a townhouse with my roommate Kaitlynn, and since I have a kitchen I have a lot of fun cooking!

It was Andrew's 20th birthday on Tuesday (yay!) and I made him birthday dinner! I was sooo excited! I made a huge chocolate bat cake, which was delicious! However, I forgot powdered sugar for the chocolate frosting, so I had to put cute chocolate chips and icing on it, haha~ XD I was so excited for him to see it that I forgot to take pictures! He took one on his phone, so I will have to show you guys~

Over the weekend I made Irish Soda bread, and it was really exciting to make bread for the first time. It's definitely something I want to learn more about. The bread itself is super dense, but actually rather tasty. It smells great, so I am really proud~ :)

Also, I ate so much today!!! XD Andrew took me to his favorite Chinese restaurant from his childhood, and it was soooo tasty and so cheap! The atmosphere and the food was so comforting, but we ate so much and still had a lot of leftovers! I was thinking about how I haven't been eating super healthy lately, but then I realized that I am healthier than some of the people at my college by omission, right?? I was watching Drop Dead Diva, my FAVORITE show, and there was a term called lying by omission. So, since there are a lot of unhealthy foods I avoid, that might make me healthier by omission!!!! XD Yes, that's what I tell myself lol. XD

Anyway, lots of fun posts coming up! Things are way different this year since I have my own townhouse with a kitchen, but that's okay! Change is good, change is good.... XD

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First day back from Japan and BIG NEWS! :D

Hello everyone! It's been ages since I have written in here, but there are reasons for that! When I came back from Japan, I became busy and was settling back into my life here in America. I had family obligations, I wanted to see Andrew and my friends, and I wanted to get ready for my junior year of college!

First off, here is the big news! The day after I arrived back from Japan, my dad and I picked up Andrew from the train station and we got to spend the day together! It was magical! Andrew surprised me with the most lovely gifts, we went to Indian food for lunch, and then......Andrew proposed to me! After lunch we went to go buy a ring from our favorite funky jewelry shop, and then we walked to a lovely bridge overlooking the creek and he popped the question! It was funny and romantic, which totally fits us haha XD I am so happy and blessed to be engaged to the most wonderful man on Earth! Thank you baby! :D

That was a very amazing Saturday, and the rest of my time in Walnut Creek was fun, but I missed him so much. I was able to see him a lot, and I was able to spend time with friends! Then, my family was getting a French exchange student who was going to be occupying the room I was in. So I asked my college for permission to come early and had to sleep on my grandma's couch (my Nana is the best!) for a week before I came back to school. However, the day before I was going back, my dad and I started discussing my major and stuff. Long story short...I have to change my major to something that will make sure I graduate in 2012 or else.'s been stressful. I got back last Wednesday and had tons of fun with Andrew! Then, this weekend things became a little funky with his family. But it's okay, we live and learn and deal with things. :) They care about us, and I have to remember that. Andrew is also there for me if I start getting stressed out, as I am for him!

I start classes next Monday and I suppose I am a little nervous...not too excited, but hopefully things will work out with my major. I also have to finish writing the Japan book this semester, as well as trying to get some tutoring jobs. On the bright side, I have a pretty cute townhouse with my friend Kaitlynn (who is moving in tomorrow) and it has a tiny kitchen! The naking sheet my grandma bought wont even fit in the oven....haha XD I'm trying to decorate it and make it feel as homey as I can! It will take a while though, but that's okay. It's only the beginning of the year~

So, back to the pictures above. We had the buffet, of course, and it was delicious! I only had one plate since I was still jet-lagging, but I enjoyed it! Being with Andrew was, of course, amazing and more important! :) Then, the other pictures are of the place where he proposed and my gorgeous ring! It's so pretty and unique~~ Thank you so much boo!!!! :D

It feels good to be blogging on here again at college. This blog houses many great memories for me; I am excited to post pictures of my cooking adventures since I have a kitchen now! Lately though, I have been eating simply. Just sandwiches, salads, chips and salsa, cereal~ I do have lumpia from Andrew's mom in my freezer, waiting to be fried and consumed bwahahaha!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I write like
Vladimir Nabokov

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Interesting! I like the fact that I seem to have an intense European air to my writing! XD
Hello everyone! I have been back in America for a little over a week and I am getting into the swing of things! Please look forward to yummy summer eats and big news! :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hello everyone!

Please forgive me for not posting much this week, I have just been so busy with preparing for Japan! I am leaving this morning for the airport and I am so excited!!! :D (I miss Andrew a lot though! Be safe and have fun in Stockton my love!)

I will be updating a new blog for this trip here:

Please check it out and follow it if you are curious about my Japan adventures! I will be back in the US on July 2!

Thank you all!!!! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

More ceramics!

I just mentioned in the new post that my new ceramics pieces looked great, so I wanted to share some pics!
Here they are after coming out of the hot kiln. There are a lot, and 4 pieces aren't even pictured! So, I will have a lot of ceramic pieces to take back home haha. :D I am giving some to my friends and Andrew though; I hope they like them! :) Then, my family back home can take some too, except there are a few I want to keep. ;) You see that crazy crackly black mug up? That's Andrew's special mug! The glaze came out way different than I expected, but he loves it so I am so glad! In ceramics, sometimes you never know what you are going to get!

I am especially proud of this cup. The glaze came out interesting and beautiful; inside, there is a lovely swirl pattern~ :D


HAPPY 100TH POST! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! :D I am so excited that this is my 100th post here! Wow! To celebrate, I made a Facebook page lol! XD Enjoy this post, which features one of my favorite things in the world: Andrew's family's parties!!

Hey everyone! It's been a CRAZY week, let me tell ya. There was a bomb threat at my college last Sunday, which really threw everyone off. Nothing happened, but it was annoying, inconvenient, and scary. I have been working on projects and essays, and trying to study for my art history final which is taking place tomorrow because my professor couldn't change it. I have been pretty stressed out and anxious lately because I have a lot to do and I have conflicted feelings about summer; I want the semester to end, but I don't want to leave Andrew, Stockton, or my friends. It's tough and upsetting. :( I am working hard and trying to be the best person I can be! There is some good news: I got a story published in the campus literary magazine and my ceramics pieces look amazing! I am also very proud of Andrew, who has been performing gigs with his new band Loki Rhythm! Woo-hoo! :D Go love! It's been busy in my world, but we are getting through it and staying positive. :)

Anyway, let's go back a couple weeks to a super fun family party at Andrew's house! Yay! I met a lot of family members from the Phillipines and we all had fun!
That's me in his room; we ate up there since the downstairs was so crowded. (Isn't the koala bear lamp sooo adorable? They've had it for years! XD)

These pictures were taken with my new Nikon D3000. As much I love Andrew's room, the lighting is never very good for pictures, especially on greyish days like that one.

My (first) plate of food! :D Spaghetti, quiche, fried chicken, stir-fried veggies, Pork sisig, rice, and some lumpia! Hehe, I hope I am not forgetting anything lol! It was all very good and enjoyable!

Andrew's plate, which was healthier than mine! ;) Pretty much the same, except no rice or fried chicken. I am so glad he has been enjoying quiche now!

Not all the food was homemade, but it was all good nonetheless! Later, there was some ham and Longganisa, which is Filipino sausage. I am so glad I was able to try some, it was delicious! Lighter than most sausages, but still fatty and tasty!
Andrew and his family are always so kind to have me over and feed me such interesting and hearty food! :D I can't wait for my kitchen next year so I can make food for the family parties too~!
By the way, our 15 month anniversary is this Tuesday, which is very exciting! I am so proud of him and us! :D
Oh, and if you look to your left, I made a Facebook page for my blogs! I wanted to make sure people can keep up with me when I am in Japan, so I thought that might be a fun way to do it. Please go check it out and become a fan! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fun Foodie Friday~!

Aaaahhh, Friday and Saturday April 9 and 10 were two glorious days~ Andrew and I had so much fun! Things have been getting busier for me as the semester winds down and my trip to Japan looms closer. Last week, though, was rather calm and I welcomed it. I spent some quality time with Andrew, applied for a Passport (I hope my application goes through!), and my classes weren't too bad. :)

Friday was wonderful-- Andrew and I were able to spend the whole day together and it was such a blast! :D That morning was interesting because we went to a different (and sketchier) part of town so I could submit my passport application and take pictures at a post office. There is only one post office around here that does walk-in applications and pictures so we braved it and went there. It wasn't a bad experience at all! I had an issue concerning IDs, so hopefully I will still be able to get my passport.

After the whole application process was done, Andrew and I went to try Genova Bakery, a bakery/deli that has been in business since around 1918! It's been on our list of "Places to try" for a while now, so it was nice to finally check it off lol! :)

The sandwiches are plain and cheap. They all come with bread, cheese, mayo, and mustard for $3.75, and for different meats it's $4.25. I got provolone cheese, salami, and prosciutto on french bread. It was very filling and fresh! I would have loved the addition of some lettuce and/or onion though, just because I like my veggies. The bread was fantastic, fresh and airy! I though I made a great choice in bread for my sandwich. :)

Here is Andrew's sandwich! Yay! He got Dutch Crunch bread with salami and provolone, along with the condiments. He enjoyed it, yet agreed that veggies, especially a tomato, would be a great addition to it to add moisture. Since his sandwich wasn't a combo, it was only $3.75!

I saw these waffle-like cookies at Genova, and wanted to try them. Andrew, being the love that he is, bought them for me and I was so excited! Thank you boo! :D I got the vanilla flavor and oh my they were so good! The vanilla scent wafts out of the box and they taste like crunchy vanilla waffles. So amazing! I think I ate about 8 on Friday lol. xD

Then, my sweet love got me some chocolates too! Yay! The label said they were "romantic" and "passionate"! Of course, I was super excited! ;) They were good too!

I had found this gelato in the freezer at the campus grocery store and I bought it because I was curious. Since it was a hot day and we were feeling like splurging, we opened it up. Sadly, I don't think this is very good gelato--it tastes very fakey and kind of old. I really didn't like the airy texture and the vanilla flavor was muted and dry. I don't reccomend this brand!

This is how I ate the gelato lol! Crazy and gluttonous! Those waffle cookies are so delicious and addicting! XD
Genova Bakery
749 N Sierra Nevada St
Stockton, CA 95205
(209) 466-6145
Momofraise says: You've got to try this wonderful old-fashioned Italian deli, grocery, and bakery! You won't be disappointed by the array of treats!
**Update on my passport: I checked online yesterday and it is currently being processed, so I am hoping everything is going well! :)

My Bowls!

Yep everyone, those are my four finished bowls! :D The one with the hearts is for Andrew, and I was so happy to give it to him last night! Yay! :D He loves it and I can't wait to hear if he used it for breakfast this morning lol~
The one with the kanji in the bottom (which means "hope") is a ramen bowl for my Dad, because he really wanted one. I plan to give it to him when I go home at the end of the semester (which is way too sad to think about....sigh), so I hope he likes it! The one underneath Dads is for me, a little rice bowl hehe. And the one under Andrews was for Professor Albala,, my favorite professor who helped me get my grant for Japan! He was excited to get the bowl and I hope he enjoys using it! :)
Now, I have tons of random cups and mugs I am glazing. I am really excited about them and I can't wait to give them to more people! :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Wonderful Revisit-- Le Kims!

The weather here in Stockton has certainly been interesting. A few weeks ago, the days were hot and vibrant with green grass and blooming flowers. Then, last week the weather took a turn for the worse and rain was falling almost every day, and the days were cold and slate-grey. Not exactly the most cheerful Spring week, let me tell you.

However, this post and the pictures hearken back to the week where every day was a bouquet of sunshine and smiles.

This particular Friday dawned bright and cheerful; Andrew took me out to our first favorite place, Le Kims! This restaurant is really special to us; we used to go all the time when we first dating and have loved it ever since. :) It was our haunt when the nights were cold and rainy~ We noticed we hadn't gone in a while, so we decided to go and get some good, homey Veitnamese eats! :)

I got new glasses! The frames are purple and very cute~ I love this picture; it's so sweet! Of course we had to take pictures together at lunch, it was such a lovely day! :D (My boo is so handsome!)

Now, as you all probably know by now, I am such a sucker for those crispy and savory Imperial rolls, which are infintely more delicious than Chinese egg rolls (that's just my opinion!). I also like to try imperial rolls at whatever Vietnamese restaurant I end up going to. Since Andrew and I felt like splurging (we are both trying to save money), we ordered Le Kims Imperial rolls appetizer. And let me tell you, it was AMAZING! These are REAL Imprial rolls, made with rice paper and lots of goodies on the side for wrapping up. Andrew loved them and decided that these are definitely worth $5! Yay! He said he had tried them in the Philippines and he was excited to eat them here! :D

Another view, because they deserve it!

Aaaaahhh, now it's time for one of my favorite meals in the world-- the vermicelli bun bowl! This one has barbecue pork and some pieces of an imperial roll, much to my delight. I love this dish--- it's so refreshing and healthy. The flavors are flamboyantly sweet and savory at the same time, with the pork and the fish sauce. Such a wonderful deal!

Our new favorite soup at Le Kims is the vegetarian curry soup! We saw it reviewed on, so we decided to try it last winter and we were both happy with that choice! This soup is subtley curry-like with what tastes like coconut milk. There are lots of large veggie chunks, like carrots and two kinds of potatoes. My favorite parts are the plentiful rice noodles and chunks of soybean/tofu curd. Yum!
Posts like these make me remember why I love blogging. On days where school is annoying or the weather is grey, I can look back on fun times with my love, my friends, and my family. :) It keeps me going and my chin up high! :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

My 20th Birthday~!

Gahhhhhh, I can't believe I hadn't posted this yet!!! This past week has been INSANE. I had some hard stuff to deal with, such as the death of a family friend and frustating class scheduling. College is never easy, and in the words of my wonderful father-- "Living on your own is tough!"
I couldn't have said it better myself, Dad. :)
However, a lot of fun was had by me and Andrew this holiday weekend. :) I am glad that we are settling back into our usual routine this week-- I actually am a "routine" kind of person, and I really don't like change. I can't believe it's April already...I am going to Japan next month!

Now, without further ado, here is what I did for my 20th birthday in January! Stay tuned for more catch-up posts to follow! :)

~ ~ ~

Oreo cookie cake with 20 candles, courtesy of my love and his family! :D

Hello everyone! Saturday January 3o was my 20th Birthday!!! I am really excited about being 20; it feels right to me and I love being able to say "I'm in my 20's" lol! I celebrated Friday and Saturday and had sooooo much fun!!! Andrew and his family did so much for me and were so generous; it's thanks to them that my birthday was so wonderful! :) Anyway, here's what we ate to celebrate! :D

Friday night was the now usual family party at Andrew's house, and there was a ton of food! I was so ecstatic because Andrew's mom asked me to bake cookies and brownies for the party! Yay, I can finally cook! :D Above are some lumpia she fried up and they were soooo good!

I made oatmeal walnut chocolate chip cookies that turned out wonderfully soft and tasty! Andrew crushed the walnuts up rather fine and it made the cookies taste rather subtle. I added more chocolate chips than his mom's recipe called for and it made an awesome difference! :D These cookies were a hit and it was so fun to cook in his kitchen!

On Saturday, my grandma, dad, and sister came to visit and take me and Andrew out to lunch! I had made a reservation at the Wine and Roses Restaurant in Lodi earlier in the week and was looking forward to trying their brunch menu. I should have taken a picture of the restaurant itself because it was so quaint and lush with flowers and trees! Wine and Roses is actually a spa and hotel, and a very lovely one at that.

A Flamenkuche appetizer, with lardons, onions, cheese, and greens on top of a buttery bread spread with creme fraiche and herbs. This was salty and savory, so in other words, very appealing lol. It was larger than we thought it would be, so all five of us had a decent-sized piece. We were already busy munching on the buttery and flakey cheddar biscuits we were given. They were delicious! Already, this meal was off to a great start!

My grandma and I both ordered the quiche, which had ham, cheese, bacon, and onions. It was very rich and I enjoyed it very much! I split it up with Andrew who then gave me half of his omlette and some his potatoes. The salad that came with this was pretty good, lightly doused with a sweet vinaigrette.

Andrew ordered the omlette with cheese, mixed mushrooms, swiss chard, and bacon with some potatoes on the side. It was all right; we both agreed that my quiche was richer and tastier. Andrew was happy to spread some ketchup on his omlette and potatoes though! There should have been more cheese and goodies inside; all in all, it was rather plain.

My awesome carnivore sister had the steak and eggs, which I think she enjoyed. We thought the steak was kind of small, but she was okay with it.

The dessert menu wasn't too exciting, so when our kind server said that they were serving vanilla creme brulee instead of lemon, both my sister and I jumped at it! However, they must have had some sort of miscommunication, because we were both served lemon creme brulee, which neither of us liked. It was too tart and not what we were expecting or craving. So, our server said she would take it off the bill. As soon as Andrew realized our desserts were free, he ended up finishing my creme brulee lol! XD My love jumps at the chance for free food!

Wine and Roses Hotel, Restaurant, Spa
2505 West Turner Road
Lodi, CA 95242
(209) 334-6988

Momofraise Says: Wine and Roses is a beautiful and dreamy place tucked into Lodi, and well worth a visit for the ambiance! The food can be good, but portions are a bit small.
I had the best birthday ever! Thank you to Andrew, Andrew's family, my friends, and my family! Love you all! :D

:D Just for fun~

This is college.

(taken with my new Nikon D3000 camera! more posts will be up as soon as I have time)

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Wonderful Sunday!!!

Oh, am I having a case of the Mondays today! I had the most wonderful Friday and Sunday this past weekend, and now I am back in the motion of classes and studying and annoying people. Ugh. I miss Andrew a lot and the only thing keeping me going right now is the fact that he has a gig here on campus tomorrow night and I am soooo proud of him and excited! I am just going to stay strong and look forward to it! :)

It's funny, I have just come to the realization that I really hate studying. The past few weeks have been gloriously study free and I have been relaxed and feeling good. Now, I have some papers and a mid-term and everything seems miserable here. I really don't want this semester to end..... :( There are so many things up in the air concerning next semester and this summer. I hope it will all turn out alright. I applied for a Pacific Fund Grant to get money for my trip to Japan this summer, but I haven't heard a thing and I was supposed to last week! So, we will see what happens. Andrew is so positive and supportive; he truly is an amazing person. :) Sorry to sound like such a downer, but that's what is going on right now.

Anyway, on to happy foodie-ness loving~! :3
It was early Sunday afternoon and we were aching for a quick bite to eat before heading over to Andrew's band practice. Thus, we went to our current favorite place, Tepa Taqueria! :D Actually, we went on Friday for a delectable lunch of carnitas nachoes and horchata, so yesterday we only got one order of nachoes and a HUGE cup of horchata! SO GOOD!
I asked my cute love to hold the horchata next to his head to compare-- yep, it was huge and so refreshing! I love the sweetness of the sugar and cinnamon, and the rice milk is so light and perfect~ I think I found my new favorite summer drink! :D

I was dying to wear a cute patterned dress that day and I was happy that it stayed hot! I was quite comfortably cool, drinking my refreshing hor~cha~ta~ :)

Every day I think about how fortunate and grateful I am for not only Andrew, but for all the amazing people in my life! Andrew is such a kind, sweet, and considerate person and I strive to be like him because I admire and respect him so. Also, I am deeply in love with him and can't wait until we get married!!!! :D My friends are so kind to me when I am feeling a little low-- they took me out to dinner on Thursday night! (pics coming soon!) My family is strong and working hard and I want to work hard for them too! So yeah, just wanted to give a little shout-out to all the sweet people I love~ :D
I also love meeting new people, so anyone reading my blog, please say hello! :)