Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Last Day With The Girls!! :)

Today turned out a little different than I expected, but in an awesome way! I didn't go to work this morning, but stayed home and packed some more. I am practically all packed up, except for a few necessities and my stuffed animals! :D Before dinner, My sister and I put most of my boxes and random things into the trunk of the car!

Anyway, one of my closest friends and her little sister who is my sister's closest friend came over today for lunch and ended up spending the entire afternoon with us!!! :) We had so much fun and said our good-byes. We are all leaving except for my sister.

For lunch, we went to a pretty new Walnut Creek joint called The Counter. It's a burger place where you can build your burger and they have tons of options! I was dying to try it, as I've been in a burger mood lately!! :D

To start with, they brought us our order of fries. I think it's a little odd to bring the fries way before the burgers.... I enjoy eating my fries with my burger. These were fresh and piping hot, sprinkled with some seasoning. Not too greasy either! We ate them all up quickly!

Finally, our burgers arrived! The above was mine, with a fried egg, red onion, cheddar cheese, scallions, lettuce, spinach, and garlic aioli on the side. I also got it with a honey wheat bun, which went well with it.The burger was tasty and juicy!
Malina got hers with a pineapple slice on top, which she loved!
The above was my sister's burger; it looks like she got grilled onions and avocado on hers with mayonnaise! She enjoyed it too, but said it was too big and hard to eat, haha.

Mumbi (Malina's sister and Fiona's friend) got a plain cheeseburger, haha! She liked it, but became super full!
Since I am an insatiable foodie, I wanted to traipse over to Gelateria Naia for some gelato because there aren't really any places to get gelato in Stockton! They thought I was crazy since we had a big lunch, but went with me anyway and ordered some!

I splurged and ordered a waffle cone with hazelnut and nutella gelato! So delicious and fresh-tasting! It was also very hot today and this hit the spot!!

Well, I had a wonderful last day at home with my family and friends! I am ready to go back to school and Stockton! I can't wait to spend time with Andrew and my friends!! I guess this is my last post made from home, so there won't be any pictures of my dad's cooking for a while now, haha. :D I want to post pictures of food by Andrew's family and Stockton restaurants so that will be interesting! :)
Stockton, get ready because here I come!!!!!!!

A Pizza-filled Send-Off! :)

As I mentioned in my last post, my dad threw me a good-bye dinner last night! Itwas fun and full of excellent food and conversation. :)
My dad made three pizzas with the same toppings of ham, mushrooms, cheese, and a mixture of ground beef and onions. We tried to get pepperoni, but every time we went to Safeway to get some, they were out! But the ground beef and onion mixture was delicious and a great way to use up leftover meat! There were four of us: myself, my dad, little sister, and our family friend Joe. We all ate tons of pizza!! :D
Yummmmmm!!! Here are two slices I ate drenched in fresh parmesan shavings, the best!! I can't eat that awful Kraft parmesan in the green containers. It's so fake and tasteless! Buying fresh parmesan may be more expensive, but it's so worth it! I loved all the salty pieces of ham too....soo goood..... :D
Today is my last day at home! I woke up this morning all excited and anxious for tomorrow to come! But, I have a lot to do today, so it's okay. :) I might be going out to lunch with one of my best friends so I hope that happens! I also have to finish packing, finish some poems for a performance on Saturday night, go shopping with my dad and grandma for the last time in a while, and my dad wanted to start packing my stuff into the car!! :D Yay!!! When I was talking to Andrew last night I started getting really excited! I can hardly believe it's going to happen! I just want to be in Stockton with him again~~ :D

Monday, August 17, 2009

Caffe La Scala~~

My room is becoming more and more bare as I pack things up for school on Wednesday. Now that I am just about to go back, I can hardly believe it! I don't know what to expect, but I want to have fun and become closer to the special people surrounding me there! I am also super excited about being on my own again! Being in the same city as Andrew also makes me so happy and excited!!! :)

This afternoon I went and hung out with my two closest old friends for the last time. I probably won't be able to see them until Winter Break, but it's okay. We plan to keep in touch, so the goodbyes weren't dramatic or sad. They never are between us. :) So, we decided, since it was a hot day, to go chill and talk at a really cool cafe called Caffe La Scala. It's an old cafe that's been in Walnut Creek forever and it's walls are decorated with vintage French and Italian posters.

I ordered a small hazelnut gelato and water. The gelato was good, but almost tasted powdery. Perhaps that might be because the hazelnuts might have been grounded into it......but truthfully I am not sure. I still enjoyed it though. Very refreshing and cold for a hot day!
One of my friends ordered a berry Italian soda.....forgot what kind of berry though!

My other friend ordered a lemonade with chai tea in it. It's her own invention and tastes.....interesting. :)

Otherwise I cleaned, did laundry, and packed today. My dad threw me a good-bye dinner tonight and we had a special family friend come! Another family friend wasn't able to make it which was too bad, but we still had a great time! We all ate too much pizza, and because of the food and heat, became sleepy. :D We talked of literature, art, and I read some of my poems. I shall post the pictures of the pizza tomorrow!! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Miraku Miracle!

Bwahahahaha I am going on a blogging rampage! I want to get at least somewhat caught up before I go back to school! :)

Today so far has been quiet, but rather productive. I packed some more things for school this morning and went through old boxes. I've also been enjoying putting up these blog posts! I also started working on some poems for a performance next Saturday night with Euphorah so hopefully that goes well.

I did find something amusing in an old box in my closet! When I was 12, my dad organized a taco-eating contest between me and my sister! She was only 9 at the time, and did very well, but I was the winner! I don't remember how many I ate, perhaps 7 or 8! :D My dad made a little trophy to celebrate it; I am so glad I found it! The trophy says "Taco Champion 2002"! :)

For lunch, my grandma and my aunt wanted to take my dad out to lunch! So, after my dad went to church we went to Miraku, a Japanese place near where we live. The other Japanese place in Concord we love is closed on Sundays, but Miraku is still pretty good. They recently changed their menu and it's more affordable now, with better lunch combinations.

Being the Birthday boy, my dad ordered a cold sake for himself and the waitress poured it into a square thing!
I've never seen that or heard about it, so we were all intrigued!
Here is a pic of my dad attempting to drink it. My aunt is watching next to him.

For starters, my dad ordered some sushi. The brown is unagi (eel), the white is saba (mackerel) and the rectangular yellow is the tamago (egg) sushi that my sister and I ate. It was all good! My cousins (4 of them) tried the fish sushi and didn't like them at all! :D

Everyone ordered a lunch combo, and this one below was mine. I ordered tonkatsu and tempura. We also all received a very good miso soup beforehand.
The rice came in little packed rolls, which was certainly different, but still very good rice. The salad was garlicy and tasty! The tonkatsu was smaller than I thought it would be, but good quality pork and it wasn't greasy or heavy. The tempura was a little disappointing; it was two shrimps with a small carrot and onion piece. They were fried well, but I wanted more! :D I was proud of myself because even though I profess to disliking seafood, I still ate the tempura shrimp and one of my sister's shrimp too! ;)

My sister ordered tempura with gyoza, and I thought the gyoza was pretty good! They tasted fresh and were bursting with the filling. Very juciy and not too oily either.

We were all pleasantly surprised by how yummy Miraku turned out to be (even if I wasn't totally satisfied) and my dad enjoyed his lunch. :) Even my cousins behaved themselves!
After lunch, we dropped my dad off at home while my sister and I went to Target with my grandma. Today was the big day; I got stuff I needed for school, such as shampoo, face wash, soap, etc!!! I even got some summer pajamas with OWLS on them!!!!! YAY!!! :D
It was funny because Target was PACKED. I was really surprised, since it was Sunday, and you usually expect Sundays to be relaxing and not a total shopping day. But, everyone was at Target, and most people were buying stuff for college kids. It was really amusing to see the freshmen freaking out and discussing what they needed with their parents. I just zipped through my shopping, since I already knew what I needed. I am really glad we went today though. It makes things easier this week, and I am so grateful and thankful to my grandma for doing that for me!!

Pizza, love, soukous, Church, and Chinese food! :)

Ahhh~~~ I had such a wonderful time with Andrew and my family the past few days. It was sort of like a "farewell to summer" party since Andrew starts school tomorrow and I go back on Wednesday. I am so happy that we were able to spend that time together! :)
Thursday was an impromptu day; I luckily was offered a ride to Stockton so on Wednesday I asked Andrew if he was free and he was! So, I spent the day with him, relaxing and having fun at his house. For lunch, I tried something so delicious I couldn't believe I hadn't ever tried it before: black bean and garlic sauce. His mother put the sauce with strips of steak and mushrooms (forgot what kind, but they were good) and I ate that with rice. I enjoyed it so much I had three helpings!!!!!! :D I hope I can have some again sometime!!
We also went to Tiger's Yogurt for some Oreo cookie flavored fro-yo before we went to the train station. It was such a hot day in Stockton and the fro-yo was creamy and refreshing! :) I hadn't been there all summer, so I was so happy to go there again! I have a feeling though that I will be going there all the time again this year!!

Then, on Friday morning before I went to go pick him up from the train station, I quickly whipped up some homemade blueberry muffins! I found the recipe on a blog here: http://sandgroper14.wordpress.com/2006/07/09/the-best-blueberry-muffin-recipe/
They turned out very good, and weren't too sweet which was a nice change from the overly sweet packaged mix. They were bursting with blueberries, Andrew's favorite, so he really enjoyed them! We ate them all up this weekend, yum!

For lunch, my dad and I made pork shoulder ribs with peas and rice. I didn't take pictures, but we all enjoyed the rich, tasty pork! :) After lunch, Andrew, my sister, and I all went to see the new Hayao Miyazaki film, Ponyo! It was very cute and sweet and we loved it! Later, Andrew and I went on a wonderful walk on my trail! :D

Then, for dinner, my dad made pizza and Andrew finally was able to try it!! Yay! I was so excited!

The above was Fiona's pizza.
That was my dad's pizza.

This was Andrew's large pizza, complete with an egg like mine!!!! :) He really enjoyed the pizza and we had a really fun dinner together!

This was my pizza, with ham, pepperoni, an egg, chese, basil, and mushrooms. We all pretty much had the same toppings.

We spent the rest of the night listening to African soukous music and dancing! Then, Andrew played some songs on our keyboard! We all went to bed tired, full, and happy! :)

The next morning we gave my dad his presents, which he loved! Andrew gave him a lovely, intricate, metal teapot, while my sister and I gave him oven mitts and dishwashing towels. He loves kitchen stuff!
After a yummy breakfast of blueberry muffins, we went to Oakland to my dad's church and attended a special service together. It was certainly different than anything I or Andrew were familiar with, but it was interesting. It meant a lot to me and my dad to have Andrew there! :)

We were all starving after church, so we drove over to San Francisco and had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Gourmet Carousel! We always go there for Christmas lunch, so I was really happy that Andrew could come and try it!

First off, we ordered beef won ton soup and potstickers. Everything came hot and fresh. The potstickers were tasty and juicy, while the soup tasted so good! The won tons were delicious and not too big, and the bok choy wasn't tough.

Andrew ordered the seafood lo mein, since he loves seafood and my dad already ordered chicken lo mein! He really enjoyed it! No one else in my family is into seafood, so he pretty much was able to have this dish all to himself. There were many things in it, such as shrimp, scallops, squid, fish filet, bok choy, and noodles. He took home the leftovers and had them for dinner when he got home! :)

Since my tastebuds were still reeling from the awesomeness of Andrew's mother's black bean garlic sauce beef, I ordered the black bean sauce beef chow fun! Yay! It was tasty and a bit salty, but I enjoyed eating it with the fried rice. There wasn't a thick sauce, but the black beans were there and I could taste them. My dad and I almost finished this dish, but we managed to save a little bit.
My sister ordered beef fried rice, and it was good as usual. :) Andrew thought it was a little salty, and he's probably right, haha. I love how big their portions are!!

My dad ordered chicken lo mein, but I didn't get a picture of it. It was good, and tasted heavily of chicken gravy.

When we got home, we all rested since we were so full! Andrew and I played some guitar, and then went for a walk together before we had to take him to the train station. I was sad to see him go......but I know I will see him again this week. But still, it always makes me sad to come home knowing not too long before he was in it with me. However, I will be in Stockton soon so we can see each other more easily! :) YAY!!! Thanks for a great weekend, love!

Los Angeles Trip: Daikokuya and 21 Flavors!

Uwah~~~ I have been so busy and I'm loving it!!! :) I went to Los Angeles with my family last week on Sunday until Tuesday, and I have lots to post about! When we came back, I went to work on Wednesday, then to Stockton for a special visit to my love, and then Friday and Saturday Andrew stayed over at my place! It was a really fun and special week, and it was also my last full week of summer! I go back to school on Wednesday! Yay! Andrew starts school tomorrow, so let's wish him good luck! :)

We arrived on Sunday around lunchtime and it was pretty hot, with the sun shining brightly onto everything and you were lucky to find shade. I had made plans with my friend Jen to have lunch at the famous Ramen place Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. Our hotel is right across the street from Daikokuya, so it was very convenient! Since it was Sunday, it was set to open at noon, and when we got in line at 11:50ish, there was already a super long line of people waiting in the hot sun!!! Thus, my dad and sister became impatient and went to eat Korean food while Jen and I persevered and waited to get inside. I was so happy to see her again!!! It was so fun!!! :D

We finally made it in and sat at the end of the counter near the kitchen and bathroom....not the nicest place to sit, but we were both starving so as long as we got our food it didn't really matter where we sat.

I must say that the service is very efficient, quick, and Japanese. They gave us a little salad smothered in a heavenly garlicy, creamy dressing. I couldn't believe how good and rich it was. I would love to know what was in it!

Jen and I had decided to be food hoes that day so we ordered an appetizer of gyoza. I like how they came to us covered with tons of green onions! We were also given a little pitcher of gyoza sauce to go along with it. I liked the gyoza, but they were so tiny! They didn't have much filling in them, so that was a little disappointing. Nonethless, we ate them all happily!
Now, Daikokuya is famous for their Ramen noodle soup. I am not sure why; it probably has to do with the fact that they make the broth themselves from a secret recipe and that they have a special method of making pork. Again, I loved all the green onion! :)
The Ramen was very good and rich; the broth wasn't super tasty, but it was smooth. The pork was thin and a bit fatty, but went well with everything else. There were lots of chewy noodles and an egg! :) I did enjoy this Ramen and would love to go back and have it again!

Jen and I ordered combinations, so she got fried rice with her Ramen while I got oyako don. Funny thing is that we were both so stuffed that we could barely finish our side bowls. :) She ended up saving her fried rice and taking it home!

After lunch, we did a little shopping in Little Tokyo; I bought a pair of very cute orange Vans for school! Yay!
Then, we took the Metrorail to Old Pasadena, which was very exciting! I love discovering public transportation in other cities!!! :D It was very hot down there and she wanted to bring me to a well-known frozen yogurt place called 21 Flavors where all the yogurt is homemade. They had tons of toppings, which was awesome! I ended up getting Oreo, Chocolate, and Vanilla flavored fro-yo with almonds and gummy bears, my favorite! It was delicious, bu very rich and sweet so I couldn't finish it!

After shopping in Pasadena we went back to her house and relaxed. :) I had a really fun day with her and ate tons of good food! :D I am also so happy that I finally got to try Daikokuya!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Medusa is Back~! :D

Yes, that is what my dad called me when I got out of bed yesterday morning. Thursday night I went to go get my hair cut (a wonderfully spur of the moment idea) and my curls were unleashed! My hair is super thick and heavy, so when it's layered and thinned out, curls come out of hiding! It feels so good and light! It's a breezy, cheerful hairstyle to go back to school with and I can't wait to show it to Andrew when we see each other next!! :D
Yay! That's me Thursday night right after the hair cut. It took a lot longer than I expected, and my sister also got a trim. It was worth it and cheered me up! Actually, I am just feeling better in general, so that's good. :)

My dad made Aloo Gobi again on Thursday for lunch, which is an Indian dish of curry, potatoes, and cauliflower. It was good, and we also had Trader Joe's frozen garlic naan bread which tastes pretty authentic and compliments the aloo gobi nicely.
Then......last night, we had pizza! Yay! This time, my dad made less dough and flattened them out. It was delicious and not as filling or bready as his other pizzas. I really like how he makes them this way now. We all enjoyed it, and it's also healthier. :D

The above pizza was my dads and it had red onion, small tomatoes, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and basil on it.
Here is mine, with the ever-present egg! :D Except, this time, my dad fried the egg beforehand to make sure it cooked, so when he put it on the pizza the yolk broke and spilled everywhere. Makes for an interesting pizza, wouldn't you say? :D It was very yummy and fresh; it had everything my dad had except for the tomatoes, with the addition of mushrooms (YUM) and the egg! I loved the thin crust too!
Sorry for the blurry picture, but this was my sister's pizza. It had the same toppings as my dads, with maybe the addition of mushrooms, but I'm not sure. She enjoyed it too. We all scarfed our pizzas down!

Well, tomorrow morning at 5 am we are going on our first family vacation in a long time to Los Angeles! It doesn't seem real actually, but I am very grateful! I even get to see one of my best friends from college, Jen!!!!!! When we come back, I am going to have SO MUCH to write about on this blog!! I plan to take tons of pictures and videos since I have my own camera! We will be back Wednesday afternoon, so we aren't going for too long, but just enough time I think. I leave for school in a week and a half!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Also, more awesome news is that Andrew is planning to spend next Friday and Saturday here with me for my dad's birthday!! I am so excited!!! It will be a sort of farewell to summer, and I think it's good for him to have a mini-vacation at my place before his semester starts! :) I am going to make sure he has a wonderful time! ;D
So, have a great week and weekend everyone! I will be back on Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Avocadoes and Alphabet Pasta!!

Today I went to work and had a rather productive day! I was feeling a little blue because I am dying to go back to college, but I talked to my dad about it and he made me feel so much better! I have so many awesome things in life to be grateful for and I will be back at school soon! I can't wait to see Andrew and all my friends!!
For lunch, we had monster sandwiches!! Above is my sister's sandwich, which she enjoyed.
Above is my dad's sandwich, which he also liked. He really enjoyed the rolls we used in the sandwiches; they were pretty good and kept everything from falling apart.
Yay! Above is my monster meaty sandwich!
And, in honor of Andrew, I put some avocado slices on it to try! I'd never really eaten avocadoes before, so I was curious since Andrew likes them so much. I actually liked them! It was different, but tasty and earthy. So, next time we go to Chuck's Diner in Stockton for breakfast, I plan to order the omelette with avocadoes in it! ;)

I was excited about dinner because when we went to Trader Joe's today, I made a plea for Alphabet-shaped pasta for dinner! My dad agreed, and there you have it! :D The meatballs were frozen, but still delicious. The Alphabet pasta made me smile, and I was happy when I found an "A". ;) The sauce, of course, is homemade and YUMMY! Homemade pasta sauce is the best; I don't like the sauce in the jars.
I also made a Myspace Music account for my poetry, as suggested by my lovey! Here it is: www.myspace.com/paperlanternslove
I will be posting audio tracks of me reading my poetry, so that's exciting! I was so excited when Andrew came up with the idea last night, so thank you honey!!! :D
Also, I started writing a song!!!! I can't believe I actually started working on it! It's a super simple song, but it's a start! :) I can't wait to play it for Andrew!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 6 Months honey!!!

Today is me and Andrew's 6 month anniversary! Sadly, he has class today so that's why he came over on the weekend to celebrate early. I hope he had a wonderful day though! He sent me an mp3 of a cover of a song that he and I have just discovered these last couple days; it is SO beautiful and I am so touched that he did that for me!!! Thank you sweetheart!! :D

My dad came back home this morning from Reno, so it was nice to have him back! He had a wonderful and relaxing time up there full of good conversation and interesting moments. My sister and I were also excited to have him back home because it meant he would cook for us! Yay!

For a little appetizer/treat, he picked up some Safeway inarizushi for me before lunch. They didn't contain too much rice in them, which was a bit disappointing. Also, the rice was plain rice, not sushi rice. These weren't terrible, but you can get better. My dad's homemade inarizushi are the best though, and Andrew would agree! :D My dad said he would make some inarizushi for me to take back to school, so I (and Andrew lol) are looking forward to that!
For lunch, he made us hamburgers (or what we call "Daddy-burgers") and they were tasty and filling! That is mydad's burger in the picture above--it's a tower of yumminess! He had trouble eating it, but declared that it was delicious. :)

This was my burger, with a thick patty of meat, cheese, red onion, and lettuce. Everything tasted good and complimented each other. Sometimes an awesome, homemade burger just hits the spot. :)

For dinner, my dad made us fish and chips! He used cod fish (I felt like someone from Peter Pan :D) and beer batter. The chips were, of course, french fries. Then, for a veggie, he made green beans. As I'm sure I have mentioned before, I do not care for much for fish, but this wasn't too bad. It was kind of heavy because it was fried in beer batter, but it didn't taste too fishy.
Today I didn't do too much, but I was able to go through my clothes and sort the ones I want to take back to school with me. I listened to the cover CD Andrew made for me while doing it, so that was lots of fun! xD Now, I have a whole bunch of black garbage bags of clothes ready to go on my bedroom floor. I can't wait to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 6 months honey! I can't wait to grow as people and as a couple with you!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shopping Day~~

My dad is returning home from his mini-vacation in Reno tomorrow, so today my sister and I went shopping with my grandma and had lunch downtown! :) Since I have about 2 weeks (OMG YAY!) until I go back to college, today was probably the last time we could do that this summer. It was very fun and I always enjoy spending time with my grandma. It was funny though, because we could all tell that my mind is not here any more, but in Stockton! :D I had Pacific on my mind~~ ;)

We went to H&M and I bought 4 shirts and two cute hair accessories, all for $35! Ahhh, I love finding good sales. ;D

Afterwards, we went to an Italian place that has been downtown for years!!! I've walked by it all my life and had never eaten there before, so I was curious and wanted to try it before I left. It's called Tomatina, and apparently is a chain.

To start off the meal, I ordered a vanilla mint lemonade and my sister ordered the strawberry lemonade. I enjoyed the vanilla mint; it wasn't too sweet and the mint tastes so good with lemonade! Yum! I tried the strawberry lemonade and it was heavily sweetened and almost acidic tasting. Fiona enjoyed it though, so good for her.
I wanted to be healthy, so I ordered a small Mixed Greens salad. A red wine vinagrette was drizzled on top and I thought it was pretty good. I didn't eat the tomatoes, but I polished off the greens. Yay for being healthy! :D
My sister ordered the lunch special of a half-order of pasta and a side. She got a side of caesar salad, which was way too small in all of our opinions. The pasta was pretty good; she said it was very garlicky and tasty. I like how they put big basil leaves in there. Basil is awesome!

Yes.....there you have it.......I was a hoe and ordered a personal pizza margherita all for myself. Fiona did have a slice, but otherwise it was all mine, bwahahahahaha. I thought it was pretty good, though light on the toppings. The basil, though, was so plentiful! It had a little bite to it and was so fresh, yummmmm I have discovered the joys of basil this summer! I want to buy some little pots of cilantro, mint, and basil for my dorm room. Hopefully I can find some small and cheap before I go back! :)
The crust was not overly bready and heavy, which is such a nice change from other pizza places that just give you sooo much bread, which fills you up too much and isn't healthy. I wish the cheese was more plentiful and gooey though........all in all, a good lunch! My grandma ordered a pizza slice and salad combo and she enjoyed it a lot too, so that made me happy. She had a really fun day with us, and even though she had to walk around a bit, she said it was healthy for her. I am going to miss her when I go back to school.
My sister and I were actually too full to order dessert, if you can believe it! They offered gelato, but I didn't feel like it. I mean, it was a pretty heavy lunch and the lemonade was sweet enough. So, afterwards we went to go buy my dad some birthday presents and I went to go pick something else up at Victoria's Secret.
Then, I came home, found out on Facebook that two of my friends got married this summer and are expecting a child! Yay! Congratulations Aaron and Amanda! I am so excited for them!!! :D
Then, I cleaned the kitchen, wrote a letter to one of my friends who lives in Arizona, tuned my guitar, and listened to Andrew's cover cd again. I love it!!!!!! I am just dying to go to the old house again for one of his family's parties!!! I just need to be patient, haha. ;) Also, this weekend we are going to LA for a family vacation, the first in a long while! I am going to meet up with my friend Jen!!!!!! So, look forward to LOTS of posts about LA; I've been researching restaurants!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

6 months!!!!!!! <3

No one is home right now except for me and Scooter, who is scuttling around being curious as usual. I am sitting on my bed, typing away and thinking about how awesome my weekend was and that I love Andrew so much! I am so happy because he came over on Friday to stay over to celebrate our 6 month anniversary a little early since he has class on Tuesday. It was so fun and relaxing!! But, it went by too quickly. After we got home from dropping him off last night I walked into my room and was so sad by the fact that he wasn't there. I miss him so much! I just have to keep in mind that I will be back at college in 2 and a half weeks! I need to stay strong! Andrew has become such a part of my life now; it's hard when he is leaves to go back home because I feel like a part of me leaves too. But, I have memories of a fun, sweet weekend so I'll be fine. :)
Of course, I made him a cake! Yay! However......I completely forgot to give it to him before he left! We had just come back from a walk and I was a little tired, hot, and sad because i knew he had to go soon. It's really good too; it's a white cake with homemade chocolate icing, M&Ms, sprinkles, and love. :) I will try to make him another one soon though! Poor love~~ I'm sorry!
Here he is, looking all buff and cute, trying to run away with the cake! Yeah, we had lots of fun! :D
For Friday's dinner, my dad made homemade Falafel, which he hadn't made in a long time! I was so happy to eat them again, and I was so happy that Andrew got to try them too! He ended up loving them, which made me so glad! Falafel are fried balls of ground up chickpeas and spcies. Yum!
Hehehehehehhe, I am so unhealthy. I don't like Israeli salad, so I just put falafel balls, yogurt dill sauce, and french fries in the pita bread. So good! The yogurt dill sauce added a refreshing kick and provided a nice contrast with the warm fried savouriness of the fries and falafel balls.
Here is my dad's monster falafel! :D
Well, my sister should be back home around 5 pm......and then my dad won't be home until Tuesday.....*sigh*.....I miss Andrew!!!! He gave me another adorable stuffed monkey to add to my collection (pictures coming soon), a lovely illustrated page of lyrics to his newest song dedicated to me, and an absolutely stunning cover cd he recorded for me! I had asked him to record some of my favorite songs that he sings for me when he had the time, and he did it! I was listening to the cd earlier and I am so in love with it. The quality of the sound is superb, and his voice sounds great!!! I will always treasure this cd; it's simply one of the best I have. He is so talented; both me and my dad believe he will go far with his music if he keeps working hard, which I know he will. ;)
Otherwise, I am trying not to be too lonely so I want to keep occupied. I'm working on getting all the info for shipping stuff I sold on Ebay together, and I want to practice guitar some more later. It was fun because last night, my dad taught me how to play another song on the guitar, so I thought that was sweet of him. He made me feel better because I was missing Andrew. :)
Oh! One of the highlights of this weekend for me was playing guitar with Andrew Friday night and yesterday morning! We just jammed and sang; he even taught me a couple new songs! :D I was so happy because we even played New Order's "Ceremony" together, with me doing the bass line with my guitar and him doing the lead guitar parts! It was amazing! I had always wanted to play guitar with someone like that, and to be able to do it with him was a dream come true! Also, I love that song and it reminds me of him, so it was a very special moment to me. :)
I can't wait to be with my love again!!! Thank you for everything honey~~~!